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Mekong Silk Cruise Full Day

Cruise Ship:
Phnom PenhSilk Island
1 days

An original way to discover or re-discover the well-known silk islands located on Mekong River. Phocea Mekong boat will first lay down in Prek BongKong village for an exhibition following the silk thread starting from the silk worm to the final silk craft followed by the discovery of the beautiful BongKong pagoda. Lunch will be served on board in front of Koh Dach beach located north of Silk Island offering opportunities for safety bathing. Then you will discover an ancient and mysterious pagoda situated a few minutes’ walk from the river. You can taste an atmosphere of serenity under very old « Koki » (kind of teak, sadly endangered in Cambodia because of its overuse). Throughout this cruise will be offered drinks with spring rolls and appetizers, lunch will be served with red and white French wines. Drinks are offered at will throughout the cruise. Nice feeling of quietness next to the busy town of Phnom Penh.

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