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From: $201 /pax

Mien Tay Sampan

Company: Mekong Emotion

Type: Cheap, Private

Mien Tay boat is built in 2002 with inspirations from the local traditional sampans that have...

From: $643 /pax

Vat Phou Cruise

Company: Mekong Cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 12 cabins

Originally a ferry that carried teak wood between Vientiane and the south of Laos, the Vat Phou boat...

From: $397 /pax

Luang Say Cruise

Company: Mekong Cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 12 cabins

The Luang Say Cruise is a journey through remote mountainous stretches of the Mekong River...

From: $155 /pax

Tcharokaa Cruise

Company: Decouvrir

Type: Cheap, Private

The Tcharokaa Cruise is the perfect solution for travelers who want to get off the beaten track,...

From: $493 /pax

Mekhala Cruise

Company: Asian Oasis

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 8 cabins

Discover the unique scenes of life on the Chao Phraya River from the deck of...

From: $751 /pax

Douce Mekong

Company: Le Cochinchine

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 4 cabins

Douce Mekong is a modern and tastefully designed river barge.  Built in traditional style...

From: $250 /pax

Shompoo cruise

Company: Shompoo cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing

The company owns three luxury traditional slow-boats full of charm. Until now, the only ways to...

From: $245 /pax

Mekong Emotion cruise

Company: Mekong Emotion

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 12 cabins

Being the newest ship of the Mekong Emotion Cruise fleet which has experienced more than a decade in...

From: $286 /pax

Mekong Eyes Cruise

Company: Mekong Eyes

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 14 cabins

The Mekong Eyes combines regional boat-building traditions with modern comforts to become the...
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