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Ban Saleuan Homestay

Cruise Ship:
Ban SaleuanKuang SiLuang Prabang
1 days

The  perfect tour for the traveller intent on a more authentic cultural experience. Our overnight tour includes a cruise on the Mekong, pottery village, caves, waterfalls, bears and butterflies but ultimately centres around an overnight homestay in a traditional Lao Loum fishing village. Immerse yourself in Lao daily life in Ban Saleuan 

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Charms of Chomphet Cruise Charms of Chomphet Cruise

Wat Kokpab - Wat Longkhoun - Wat Sack Kalin

Enchanting Kuang Si Waterfalls Enchanting Kuang Si Waterfalls

Tad Kuang Si - Kuang Si Butterfly Park - Bears Rescue Centre

Kuang Si Express Kuang Si Express

Kuang Si - Ban Sing

Sweet  Romance Sweet Romance

On Mekong river

Alms & Mystical Pak Ou Caves Cruise Alms & Mystical Pak Ou Caves Cruise

Pak Ou Caves - Chomphet - Wat Sacklin Caves

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