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Bassac Cruise A Half Day 9:00 am- 2:00 pm

Cruise Ship:
Phnom Penh
1 days

After crossing the Chaktomuk (confluence of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac rivers) where you can admire the king’s palace and the very important constructions on Koh Pich Island reflecting the rapid development of Phnom Penh, boat move between the narrow banks of the Bassac. Quickly give way to the construction of houses on stilts sheet on the river and its more peaceful life. Thus, you can approach closer to the simple and hard campaign life. After passing the town of Takhmau you arrive at the northern tip of the island of Koh Anlong Chen, we take the widest channel, and pass in front of the orphanage who took care of Clara, who a few years later gave her name to the orphanage – Ptea Clara (home of Clara) established in 2009 to accommodate children (mostly girls of course) about to be sold into prostitution. PhoceaMekong Cruises was created to help Ptea Clara. We move to its level some 15 minutes later, but are not visible from the river. Arrived at the southern tip of the island, we go back to Phnom Penh by the narrowest channel along the shores of Koh Anlong Chen, where you can admire the vegetable crops, orchards (banana, longan) and fishermen. Then we go back at Takhmau to return to the port of Phnom Penh. Appetizer will be served after departure, when lunch will be served with French wines on board in front of Takhmau (included in the price).

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