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Follow the Mekong River and uncover the secrets of Laos. From the bustle of Bangkok, you find a quieter South East Asia in the north of Thailand and an even more tranquil one still when you cross into Laos. The regal temples, with spires pointing towards the heavens, extol the glories of Theravada Buddhism. The mysterious Plain of Jars exemplifies the remoteness of some of Laos' key attractions. Meanwhile the Mekong River threads its way through the country, supporting communities that include its laid-back capital, Vientiane, which still maintains an ambiance that borrows from both ancient Lao traditions and colonial French influences. The south of the east-west course of the river below Vientiane lies the AnchorKhorat Plateau, which embraces almost all of the Thai portion of the basin as well as the lower parts of the Mekong’s Laotian tributaries. This is an area of gently rolling hills set amid relatively flat alluvial plains. Soils and deciduous vegetation on the hills are thin, and much of the original forest has been replaced by grassland as a result of grazing and repeated burning. To the northern highlands have highly folded ranges that reach elevations of about 9,000 feet (2,700 meters) above sea level, many with steep slopes. As far south as Vientiane, welcome to Luang Prabang, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and confluence of the Mekong and Khan Rivers.  There are many sites to visit around this beautiful town and the best way to explore is by boat. We have designed trips which bring you to the wonderful surrounds of Luang Prabang and allow you to experience the most beautiful sections of the Mekong River.


Laos Mekong River Cruises

Top Mekong River Cruises in Laos
Shompoo cruise

Cruise company: Shompoo cruise

Cruise type: Cheap, Sharing

From: $250 /pax
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All Mekong River Cruises in Laos

From: $643 /pax

Vat Phou Cruise

Company: Mekong Cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 12 cabins

Originally a ferry that carried teak wood between Vientiane and the south of Laos, the Vat Phou boat...

From: $397 /pax

Luang Say Cruise

Company: Mekong Cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 12 cabins

The Luang Say Cruise is a journey through remote mountainous stretches of the Mekong River...

From: $590 /pax

Mekong Sun

Company: Mekong River Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 14 cabins

One of the only ships capable of mastering the upper Mekong in Laos, the exclusive Mekong Sun...

From: $332 /pax

Pandaw Laos

Company: The Irrawaddy Flotilla

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 10 cabins

The 14th ship in the Pandaw fleet, the RV Laos Pandaw will feature just 10 staterooms and a...

From: $250 /pax

Shompoo cruise

Company: Shompoo cruise

Type: Cheap, Sharing

The company owns three luxury traditional slow-boats full of charm. Until now, the only ways to...

From: $400 /pax

Dok Keow

Company: Dok Keow

Type: Luxury, Private

Dok Keow can be best described as a mix of Lao tradition and Western style. Dok Keow was...

From: $115 /pax


Company: Bounmi

Type: Cheap, Private

Bounmi Cruises offers private Mekong river cruises in and around the quaint World Heritage Town of...
Mekong Pearl

Company: Mekong River Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing

The Mekong Pearl is a new boat from the cruise agency Mekong River that must pass the first trip and...
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