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From: $1,566 /pax

Toum Tiou Cruise

Company: Compagnie Fluviale du Mékong

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 10 cabins

Toum Tiou’s steel hull and sleek low draft make it the only true vessel that sails the Mekong....

From: $556 /pax

Mekong Dawn Cruise

Company: Mekong Dawn

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 8 cabins

Built in 2014 with natural materials by experts in ship building and designed by famous...

From: $288 /pax

Song Xanh Sampan

Company: Victoria

Type: Midrange, Private

Launched on late October 2004, a flotilla of 4 unique, authentic and charming Sampans named...

From: $590 /pax

Mekong Sun

Company: Mekong River Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 14 cabins

One of the only ships capable of mastering the upper Mekong in Laos, the exclusive Mekong Sun...

From: $589 /pax

L'Amant Cruise

Company: Long Giang Cruiser

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 12 cabins

Built in 2009, L'Amant rediscovered the colonial era to bring you back in a time. More than a...
RV River Kwai Cruise

Company: RV River Kwai Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 10 cabins

The RV River Kwai opens up an entirely new area for river tourism in Kanchanaburi province west of...

From: $1,000 /pax

Montha Cruise

Company: Classic Barges

Type: Midrange, Private

Based on an antique rice-barge, Classic Barges 'Montha' is almost totally constructed from...
Anantara Cruise

Company: Manohra

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 4 cabins

Find yourself at home in your own floating palace aboard the Anantara Cruises Bangkok. Be swept away...

From: $734 /pax

Suwan Macha

Company: Asian Oasis

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 5 cabins

As a long-standing icon of the region, the Suwan Macha sails a relaxed course between Phuket, Phang...
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