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The river divides Laos and Thailand, before a stretch passing through Laos alone. The Mekong River in Thailand continues to wind its way right through the Northern part of the country before reaching Cambodia where it receives the Sap River. The Mekong River in Thailand is one of the most biologically diverse environments in the world and is home to numerous species of flora, fauna and animals endemic to the Mekong River Basin. The river is joined by several other great rivers of Thailand which include the Ing River, Ruak River and Mun River which in turn is joined by the Chi River, Dom Noi River and Lam Ta Klong Rivers. The Mekong River in Thailand is home to several of the largest freshwater fish species in the world such as the mythical Mekong Catfish, Chaophraya Catfish (Dog eating Catfish) and Giant freshwater stingray and various other River Monsters. The Mekong River in Thailand is a magical fishing destination which is steeped in mystery and the unknown. Fishing on this awe inspiring river in Thailand presents the ultimate angling challenge for visiting anglers to Thailand who wish to fish for true native monster freshwater fish in one of the wildest and remote rivers in the world.

Thailand River Cruise

Top River Cruise in Thailand
Mekhala Cruise

Cruise company: Asian Oasis

Cruise type: Cheap, Sharing, 8 cabins

From: $493 /pax
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RV River Kwai Cruise

Company: RV River Kwai Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 10 cabins

The RV River Kwai opens up an entirely new area for river tourism in Kanchanaburi province west of...

From: $1,000 /pax

Montha Cruise

Company: Classic Barges

Type: Midrange, Private

Based on an antique rice-barge, Classic Barges 'Montha' is almost totally constructed from...

From: $493 /pax

Mekhala Cruise

Company: Asian Oasis

Type: Cheap, Sharing, 8 cabins

Discover the unique scenes of life on the Chao Phraya River from the deck of...
Anantara Cruise

Company: Manohra

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 4 cabins

Find yourself at home in your own floating palace aboard the Anantara Cruises Bangkok. Be swept away...

From: $734 /pax

Suwan Macha

Company: Asian Oasis

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 5 cabins

As a long-standing icon of the region, the Suwan Macha sails a relaxed course between Phuket, Phang...

From: $2,730 /pax

Diva Andaman

Company: Diva Marine

Type: Luxury, Sharing, 7 cabins

Experience Thailand in a different way, charter this luxury sailing yacht private or join one...

From: $1,500 /pax

The Junk

Company: June Hong Chian Lee

Type: Midrange, Sharing, 6 cabins

Step aboard The Junk and spend your liveaboard diving holiday with us to the most fantastic diving...
Mekong Pearl

Company: Mekong River Cruise

Type: Midrange, Sharing

The Mekong Pearl is a new boat from the cruise agency Mekong River that must pass the first trip and...
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